Athlete Questionnaire

​Please fill out the Athlete’s Questionnaire when you sign up for Coaching services.

Click here to download Questionnaire (PDF format).

Introduction to Running

For all new runners/walker/joggers

  • Meet at South Eugene track for initial evaluation of fitness
  • Evaluate Current Fitness
  • Determine Training Needs
  • Set Goals
  • Includes 1, 45 minute interview to review questionnaire, discuss training methods, create monthly training plan, updates as needed.
  • Emails, texts and phone calls as needed
  • Cost $150.00

$150.00Purchase Plan

The Competitive Racer

For the competitive runner who desires to compete at their highest level.

  • Meet weekly at South Eugene track
  • Monthly meeting to evaluate, determine future training programs
  • Emails, texts and phone calls as needed
  • Cost $150.00 per month (Limited to 6 athletes)

$150.00Purchase Plan

Monthly Coaching

For the self motivated walker, jogger, and runner who is training for personal fitness or an important race goal.

  • Meets weekly at South Eugene track
  • Receive updated training plan
  • Emails, texts and phone calls as needed
  • Cost $150.00 per month

$150.00Purchase Plan

Return to Running

Training Rehabilatation Coaching

  • For the runner coming back from Injury after getting green light from MD, PT, DC
  • Initial evaluation – $150.00
  • Additional evaluation sessions at track – $50.00
  • Emails, texts and phone calls as needed
  • Additional charges may apply for out of area athletes

$150.00Purchase Plan

Hourly Consultation

Coaching Consultation by the Hour

  • For the self motivated athlete who wants coaching and mentoring for specific needs in their training regimen.
  • Hourly rate – $90.00.

$90.00Purchase Plan

Bob William’s Road & Track Pace Calculator

The Bob Williams Pace Calculator TM offers coaches and athletes an entire library of information at their fingertips. Developed by Bob Williams, a Bowerman protegee and All-American steeplechaser at the University of Oregon, The Bob Williams Pace Calculator provides a fast, accurate heart rate calculator for gauging the intensity of a training session.

Bob Williams Track Calculator

“It has to be one of the most valuable tools any coach or serious runner can have .”

That’s how Bill Bowerman, former Olympic Track & Field coach and a trainer of world class athletes for many years, describes The Bob Williams Pace Calculator.

Why? Because accurate pace verification is the essence of intelligent, productive training. And with The Bob Williams Pace Calculator all the time and distance information needed to set and check a runner’s pace is made immediately available, simply by manipulating the slide scale.

The Bob Williams Pace Calculator breaks its data into two groups, “Track” and “Road.”

The Track Side

  • 4 scales match times and distances
    • 100m to 400m – including 150m
    • 400m to 1 mile – including 500m
    • 1600m to 5k
    • 5k to 10k
  • time increments as tight as 2/10 of a second
  • lap scale is combined with each 400M split to facilitate quick pace updates

The Road Side

  • Scale registers a runner’s mile pace, from 4:00 to 10:00 minutes
  • Matches times and distances from 10K to 42K
  • Individual miles from 6.2 to 26.2
  • 12k, 5k, 20k, 13.1 miles, 25k, 30k, 35k, 40k

The William’s Calculator is 3 1/2″ by 10″ size makes it easy to carry, and its sturdy construction will last through many miles of training in all kinds of weather.

$17.95$43.00Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Now Available – Get the Williams Pace Calculator App for your Smartphone!

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Hey Bob! I’m an assistant coach for girls cross country. My boss uses your pace calculator all the time. Before I knew about the your PC, I was in amazement how coach could put 40 athletes in groups of 5-7 according to specific times……..then I found out about your PC!!! Now I am in the loop and it feels wonderful! Thanks to you, Bob, our athletes will be running more efficiently, which means faster times, which means PR’s, which means EVERYONE will be super excited and THAT makes may day! ROCKSTAR! Thanks again, Bob!

— Tracy Angelo Assistant Coach Girls Cross Country Forest Lake High School Forest Lake, MN

I actually run myself and love using it for training. I run for Edmonton Harriers and Phil Booth is my coach. My mother is Holly Gerke and for the longest time growing up she coached me with her Williams Pace Calculator that was like 15 years old from when she race walked. It was a greenish turquoise one which I don’t think is made anymore.

— Scott Gerke